Terms and Conditions -Eng

Terms and conditions

Arch Rome Suites is an extra-accommodation facility with a regular “Guest House” license issued by the
relevant offices of the Municipality of Rome. The ownership of the entire goodwill, plant, furnishings and
production factors is entirely attributable to Val.Ro srl, VAT number IT-13719231006, with headquarters in
Via dell’Arco della Ciambella n. 19, Rome. All rights relating to the “Arch Rome Suites” brand are registered
and deposited with related documents at the Italian Ministry of Economic Development.

Although the services provided by our corporate organization try to guarantee guest satisfaction based on
high quality standards, it is absolutely not the will of the Ownership to pass off the structure as a multi-
starred hotel.

Official Channels

The only official booking channel for purchasing Arch Rome Suites services is www.archromesuites.it.

Booking confirmation

The reservation at the Arch Rome Suites is to be considered confirmed only after a summary
communication of the details of the stay and the services purchased. The booking confirmation is provided
by the booking portal (official booking channel archromesuites.it, OTA, travel agency, other
intermediation systems). The booking confirmation will be issued after an automated process which verifies
the supply of several essential elements for the management of the service: the name of a guest as group
leader relating to the stay, a telephone contact, an email contact, the complete data of the payment
method (details of a valid credit card, details of a bank transfer, details of another payment method agreed
with the Management). In the absence of one or more elements, the reservation may not have been
confirmed by Arch Rome Suites. In case of reservations made on platforms external to the official channel,
it is advisable to contact our official social channels (e-mail, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram) for further


Each reservation requires a credit card number as a guarantee. In some cases, to confirm the reservation,
Arch Rome Suites pre-authorises the credit card provided by the customer. The pre-authorization is not a
purchase. It consists in verifying the validity of the card and in the consequent temporary blocking of the
booking amount and as a guarantee of it.
If this pre-authorization is not successful, we will be forced against our will to consider the reservation
In case of cancellation outside the established terms, the accommodation facility is authorized to proceed
with the collection of the penalty; if there is no penalty, the accommodation facility will release the pre-
authorized sum within 15 days following the change in the status of the reservation.

Terms of modification and/or cancellation

The modification and/or cancellation of the reservation must be communicated to Arch Rome Suites in
writing or through the appropriate forms available in the Booking Confirmation. Arch Rome Suites
reserves the right to apply a penalty (“Terms of Changes/Cancellations”) indicated below:

  • By purchasing a stay with a Standard Rate the modification and/or cancellation is free up to 5
    days before check-in opens;
  • By purchasing a stay with the Standard Rate, from the fifth day (as well as from 120 hours) up to
    the check-in opening time, a penalty of 100% of the amount is applied in the event of modification
    and/or cancellation of the stay. Tourist taxes will not be charged;
  • By purchasing a stay with a Non-Refundable Rate, a 100% penalty will be applied in case of
    modification and/or cancellation. The Non-Refundable Rate is a particular rate that allows you to
    purchase a stay at the Arch Rome Suites at advantageous economic conditions;
  • In the event of changes and/or cancellations subject to a penalty of 100% of the booking amount
    due to second thoughts, unforeseen events and/or changes in the clinical conditions of one or
    more guests, Arch Rome Suites requires effective documentation certifying any impossibility, which
    will be treated according to the terms of the privacy policy, and after checking the documentation
    provided, the Management will issue a credit instrument, discount voucher, worth 30% of the
    booking amount to be used within 6 months on the official booking channel, archromesuites.it. In
    any case, the accommmodation facility recommends taking out specific insurance to cover
    unforeseen events relating to the trip.


    Guests who wish to receive an invoice for their stay are requested to communicate their will during the
    confirmation phase as well as promptly communicate the billing information. Otherwise, the Arch Rome
    Suites will issue a receipt.

    Services provided

    The characteristics of the rooms and the equipment made available by the Arch Rome Suites are listed in
    the Rooms section of the official booking channel: www.archromesuites.it.
    Rates include bed and breakfast (self-service buffet). The opening hours of the reception (from 8.00 to
    18.00), of the breakfast (from 7.30 to 10.00) and of room cleaning (from 10.00 to 13.30) may vary in case of
    special needs of the Arch Rome Suites (e.g. national holidays).
    Check-ins are available from 14:00 on the day of arrival. Check-out time is set unil 10:30 on the day of

    If guests with booking confirmations need to check-in after reception closing time, they are kindly
    requested to notify Arch Rome Suites, in order to allow the Management a personalized type of check-in.

    Lost items

    The Property does not take charge of the costs of packing and shipping if customers forget one or more
    objects inside the rooms. The Property, aware of the sentimental value, makes a deposit available free of
    charge for the duration of 30 days from the day of check-out, so that customers can organize the collection
    of the objects. At the request of customers, the Property will be able to start a market survey and organize
    a commercial offer for the shipment of lost items.

    Once 30 days have elapsed in the property’s deposits, the latter can decide whether to dispose of the
    goods in question as waste or donate them to charities.

    Damages caused to the Arch Rome Suites

    By accepting the terms and conditions with the purchase of one or more services provided by the Arch
    Rome Suites, customers undertake to respect the workers, the condition of the places, the condition of the
    furnishings in the rooms and common areas, the condition of the equipment of rooms and common rooms,
    machines and machinery, systems, real estate assets and public peace. If the behavior and negligence of
    the customers cause damage to one or more of the cases described above, the Management may ask those
    responsible to restore the damage to its previous state, providing the purchase invoice and/or relative cost
    estimate. Those responsible for the damages will be subject to full compensation for damages. If those
    responsible for the damages show the intention not to provide compensation, the Management will charge
    the payment method used during the booking phase for the total amount of the damage caused and will
    issue the relative sales invoice / tax receipt.

    If slanders or any unfoundedness concerning the brand and the corporate organization behind the Arch
    Rome Suites brand occur and are ascertained, the Management will be forced to protect corporate
    integrity through legal channels.

    All the terms and conditions described above are to be understood as tacitly accepted from the moment
    of the booking confirmation, whether it is received from official channels, OTAs, travel agencies or other
    intermediation systems.